Open positions

Flexible work models allow team members to work from any location; but, only after they have gained enough experience to work independently. The probation period is done in hybrid mode, at one of our offices. This approach provides greater autonomy and freedom over schedules without compromising performance goals. By embracing a work from anywhere model for experienced team members, we foster a more diverse and inclusive work culture. We believe that work from anywhere is the future of work, enabling everyone to work in a way that suits their individual preferences.

Current Job Positions

Public Relations & Business Consultant

The applicant should have great research, writing and, interpersonal skills. The job functions include business development, social media reputation management, public relations, feature writing, and managing The ART Compass™ project. The ART Compass™ project include gallery outreach program, arranging art shows, liaising with collectors & art buyers and involvement in all activities related to sale. The responsibility also includes identifying and working with social icons to drive effective traffic.


The position requires the capability to provide complete assistance to the Business Director. The job needs the applicant to have great research, writing and, interpersonal skills. The Executive Assistant will be responsible for handling public relations, scheduling and attending business meetings, being in a support role and, doing research.

Graphic Design & Digital ArtIST

The position requires competency in art and design. The job functions include designing feature graphics, publication design, website design, business presentations, video reels and digital marketing graphics. Competency in Adobe™ Creative Cloud applications is important.

Venture INVESTMENT Consultant

The position is open to executives capable to analyse companies for funding, merger and acquisition opportunities for Private Equity companies. The applicants should have astute knowledge of reviewing company performances and identifying future potential.

Protocol Compliance Consultant

The applicant should have the varied experience and related education to take ownership of implementation and management of all compliance elements of the business processes of Global Conglomerates. They would be working closely with the PR, Legal and Intellectual Property Protection teams to ensure adherence to operating country legislatures.

SISU driven Values

Echos from Vera Wang’s Interview … It’s wonderful to be passionate and have a dream. But start by working for somebody you respect, or, anybody, really and get paid to learn. There is a learning curve, not only in what you know, but in how you behave. And if you don’t educate yourself first, you really can’t break rules. You have to learn what came before so that you know you’re not really that inventive and, which rules you want to break. Then keep your head down, don’t get involved in politics, be respectful, be grateful that you have the job, do your job, and most of all, be available.

If you don’t have enough to do, that’s the problem. There can no hours in a really happening company. Sunday night? No problem. If someone wants to talk to you about strategy on Saturday afternoon when you’re with your friends and family. You should be good to go, because you’re grateful that someone asking your opinion and, that you can learn from smart, successful people. The goal is to prove that you are the best you could be.

Corporate Experience Internships

Internship positions have a minimum tenure of 6 months. Every intern gets an opportunity to work with real projects during the tenure of the internship and the scope of getting a preferential fast track consideration for a full time position when they graduate. There is no specific job role defined for these internships as an intern gets the opportunity to explore and discover.

These internships are in the nature of Corporate Experiences. The stipend would be awarded based on the Mentor’s decision after the start of the internship. It does not mean that every intern would be awarded a stipend. The stipend is purely performance and merit based.

How to apply

To apply email your CV to hr@feelberry.org along with a recent full sized casual photo. We prefer communicating on email as the GDPR Privacy Laws do not allow us to record telephone conversations. So, watch the Junk or Spam mailbox too to avoid missing important updates about application review. Follow also on LinkedIn™ for updates.