School Digital Publishing Platform

Digital Yearbook has now become a globally accepted alternative to the printed school Annual Magazine mitigating the challenges one faces during printing and publishing. It is also a positive step that a school can take towards helping environmental sustainability.

As a part of the UNESCO Project Resilienceā„¢, this funded initiative assists schools to create a more inclusive Annual Yearbook and create a digital publication platform for the schools giving them greater flexibility and reach.

By transitioning from traditional print to using a digital magazine, one can help protect the environment. The most obvious and foremost advantage when switching to a digital version is the reduction of paper usage. A 2,000 student-school with a 200-page yearbook going digital can save more than 70 trees and 300 kilos of carbon footprint.

The digital version will be available on the global standard platform accepted by the most acclaimed publications like VOGUE, National Geographic, LIFE, Harvard Business School and Yale University.


Printed Yearbooks cost more and the digital version has a zero-publishing cost. Immediate benefits include saving tons of paper, low-cost and flexibility to have more pages without worrying about increase in cost. It can be a full colour magazine without worrying about cost difference between monochrome and full colour pages.


Digital yearbook can easily be shared on mobiles, laptops and tablets. All that is needed is just a link or QR-code. It could be easily shared on WhatsApp, Facebook and all social media channels bringing in more visibility. Multiple edits and corrections can be done within a few hours without any additional cost.


The older printed yearbooks of the previous years can also be converted into digital versions. This can bring back the previous yearbooks into prominence. The transition is hassle-free. Our creative team will work closely with your yearbook editorial team making it a seamless experience.