Self-Video interviews help to express better

Over the past few years there was a common challenge faced by most of our clients. It was the business of creating the right team with diverse experiences at all levels in the organisation. The recruitment industry today is worth US$ 200 Billion and is growing at a faster pace than ever before. Companies having the shortest recruitment process tend to get the best manpower. But it comes with its own set of woes. Lot many times the hiring does not match the exact job demands.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) based video interview has emerged as a plausible solution with a lot many companies choosing it over conventional interview practices.

Companies such as Unilever PLC UK, Scandic Hotels AB Sweden, Petronas Malaysia are using self-video introductions to quickly scan through initial applications more effectively than normal face-to-face or telephonic interviews. The bias of normal interviews is avoided where sometimes the interviewer’s personal situations influence the interview outcomes. We have adapted this system effectively for many of our clients. This has resulted in faster hiring, less attrition and better workplace compatibility.

The system uses a set of questions sent in advance. The applicant is also told about a certain dress code based on the job profile. This creates a parity among all applications. It also makes the applicant respond in a more comfortable way. They can think about the questions and answer them without any sudden surprises that could happen with normal interview situations. Video Interviews are here to stay. It replicates real life situations where an applicant has enough time to think, ideate and then answer. In a way, the applicants are able to express a better perception about who they are and what they aspire to be.

For the last few years, that we have implemented advanced video interviews at our Helsinki headquarters for global hiring. It has been a very effective transition from normal interview processes. Now we have also introduced this process for hiring at our newest office in Pune, India. The experience with applications from India has been interesting. We have received a number of requests from Indian applicants choosing to do a Skype or telephonic interviews instead. They feel that their self-video interviews posted on YouTube could cause privacy and security issues.

Everyone has the right to their privacy opinions. But we encourage video interviews with the view that incase an applicant wants to work in Media and Consulting industry visibility on Social Media should be their first love. There can be no alternative to it and we do not make exceptions that would create a bias in the applicant review.

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