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We have spent years to understand the Scandinavian Industry. Our team of consultants have over course of time created a credibility about our services and concepts that has been accredited by the Regional Development Agencies, Federations and City Councils. Our support base has made us capable to offer a complete 360 degree solutions in Company Setup as well as Business Development Consultancy with zero adaptation needs. We work in close collaboration with the Government funded agencies responsible for Regional Development to identify key business growth areas and to empower foreign companies to invest and profit from it. Finland is a very networked country and we can offer memberships to Finland's largest Network of Enterprises that enable the member companies to gain from countrywide discounts of different business services ranging from Power to Telecommunication to Banking and Legal. Our clients get the advantage of participating in different networking events happening every month that can leverage faster growth. We also work with local development agencies to create situations that would enable a company to get far ranging facilities and concessions making it easier for them to grow and profit.

City of Valkeakoski

We have been accredited by the City of Valkeakoski. This enables the Feelberry team to empower our Indian clients and their Finnish companies to get the best cooperation and facilities in a credible manner. Starting from establishing the Company to Visa Assistance, the City of Valkeakoski has pledged support and assistance in every possible manner to create a situation with best business practices.

Regional Development Agency

Vaske has extended its full support to all our clients for enabling them to identify good business opportunities. Finland has always been an undoubted leader in Hi-Quality products and designs. Our consultancy extends to even identifying companies that have sound technology and profits with a willingness to have a change of ownership making it a very good merger and acquisition option.

Federation of Finnish Enterprises

We enable the newly setup companies with a permanent membership of Finland's largest network of Enterprises. This membership includes discounts upto 20% in Insurance, Legal Services, Hotels, Fuel, Conferences, Car Lease, Mobile Connections and Devices, Ferry Tickets and other Business Services. This network is also a Member of the European SME network.

The News

The earth's most stable country

Finland has again been recognized as the most stable country on earth in the 2017 edition of Fund for Peace's (FfP). Finland is the only country that FfP coins "Very Sustainable", a worthy recognition for a country celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

Bettering US education system

Finland's repeated success in national education rankings means there are at least a few lessons the US can learn. For one, the tiny Nordic country places considerable weight on early education. Before Finnish kids learn their times tables, they learn simply how to be kids.

Social Security lowers Stress

Four months after Finland's social-security institution Kela launched a two-year experiment in basic income, a system of wealth distribution in which people receive a salary just for being alive, some of the 2,000 recipients are already reporting lower levels of stress.