Fast-Track European company setup in weeks
zero paperwork and zero hassles

own a Scandinavian company - access entire EU

The Feelberry Consultants help you to setup a Limited Liability Company in Europe within weeks. We take care of all the documentations, statutory declarations and filings making the process simple and fast. We have made the whole procedure so organised that the entire company registration can be completed from India without the need to travel to Finland. The added advantage is that since English is the business language for Finland, language problems that are faced in other countries of Europe are virtually non-existant here.

Why choose Finland? Finland is one of the most economically and politically stable country in Europe. With its pollution free atmosphere, pure water lakes and zero corruption, it is a perfect place to setup operations for pan European business. Policies are simple and the corporate tax at 20% is one of the lowest in whole of Europe. It has consistently been rated as one of the best and safest country to live, do business or even study (see the related news in the NEWS section). This year UNESCO has announced the capital city Helsinki to be the Design Capital of the World, establishing the fact that Finland is one of the countries with the highest standard of living. It has surpassed commonly known popular countries like UK, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore or even its bigger Scandinavian cousins - Norway and Sweden. Given the advantage of being a part of the Eurozone, it uses Euro as its currency making transactions with all European companies easy. Finland has a AA+ (highly stable) credit rating. This makes Finnish companies considered to be the most stable and they enjoy high credibility when doing business with other countries of the world. With a company in Finland, you can do business with the whole of Europe with the same Company ID and VAT number and even enjoy greater flexibility in payment terms, insurance and financing than doing it from India. Also Finland is connected with the rest of the Europe very extensively and you can be in any important European city in less than 2 hours making Helsinki a gateway to Europe. Flights from India reach Finland in 6 hours. You can be there by noon and again come back the next day morning completing your meetings without planning long trips.

Company Setup Process includes understanding the Company to be created, writing a Business Plan needed to register the company, making the framework for the Board Formation and Board Resolution Meeting with the requisite documentations, filing for company registration and needed permits that allows a foreigner to hold a Board Position without having EU residency. We also create an European Bank Account for depositing the stock and for handling the company financial transactions. Our capable team of experts guide and advise you in all the steps to create the necessary paperwork mandatory for the company formation. We provide and organise the required lease for company registered office address and the Finnish contact that is an essential requirement. The initial setup procedure also includes your membership in the Federation Of Finnish Enterprises Network that gets you automatically connected to all the premium membership facilities that comes with it. This also includes Visa Assistance and Invitation from the Finnish Regional Development partners to help you in getting long period Visas for doing business without worries.

Company Business Operations include providing free of cost complete office solutions, staff support and office space with facility provisions like fully equipped and functional office spaces with conference rooms, workstations, large format colour laser printers, hi-speed dedicated internet, pantry and housekeeping facilities in a premium centrally located building connected conveniently with Helsinki Airport as well as Tampere Airport. We take care of all your postal mail and correspondences and have the facility to scan it in a confidential manner sending it to wherever you are located, book-keeping and other normal company operations again as a part of the package cost. Our included office facility package makes the company operations at the starting level very easy. We provide all the necessary staffing solutions making it simple for you to use support staff without any permanent job contracts or regular recurring costs and this is also included in the initial package cost. We have our own team of Legal consultants, Auditors, Accountants etc., to ensure that you do not have to worry about company operations and concentrate on your business revenue generation. Your entire year budget for the European company is a single package cost with no other hidden costs or charges.


Company Setup Package

The complete package includes company registration, 12 months of office and business services, Visa Assistance with Invitation from Finnish Region Development organisations, membership to Finnish Enterprise Network and consulting to identify opportunities.

Office Facility Services

Free prepaid 12 months office lease with fully operational office and equipments including workstations, laptops, scanners and large format colour laser printers, business phone connections, free parking and kitchen facilities, staffing needs with zero manpower cost.

Business Consulting Services

Our team of consultants work closely with you to connect your company to our vast network of Finnish and European companies with whom we already have contracts to jump start your business. This service is offered for free as a part of the complete package.

The News

The earth's most stable country

Finland has again been recognized as the most stable country on earth in the 2017 edition of Fund for Peace's (FfP). Finland is the only country that FfP coins "Very Sustainable", a worthy recognition for a country celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

Bettering US education system

Finland's repeated success in national education rankings means there are at least a few lessons the US can learn. For one, the tiny Nordic country places considerable weight on early education. Before Finnish kids learn their times tables, they learn simply how to be kids.

Social Security lowers Stress

Four months after Finland's social-security institution Kela launched a two-year experiment in basic income, a system of wealth distribution in which people receive a salary just for being alive, some of the 2,000 recipients are already reporting lower levels of stress.