Be persistent in your approach – serious clients love that

Intelligence, education, knowledge and talent have all known failures when persistence is missing. Business consulting is all about persistence. The ability to keep on trying to get your ideas accepted by the client is what matters. In the world where knowledge can be Googled, what you know or what you can do has no meaning unless the client is willing to believe in you.

Every Corporate Client looks for persistence in their Consultants. They know that when things would get tough, which always happen in the highly competitive business, then persistence is what is needed to endure and succeed.

So when servicing clients, the patience to keep following up, go back to disinterested clients with new ideas and providing fresh perspectives of a solution you want them to accept are all signs of persistence and passion for what you believe in. So even if it feels that you are making no progress with the company you are trying to acquire … keep trying with more energy … it eventually pays off.