Individual Artist Management (I-AM)

We manage Artists

The I-AM (Individual Artist Management) program guides and supports Artists creating commercial value for their creations. We provide a global platform to reach out to Art Collectors and Buyers using our network of worldwide Art Dealers. Our services include the promotion of the paintings among Hotels, our Global Clients, associated Galleries and Museums in Europe. We create digital prints to promote the sale of prints on canvas to our vast Network of clients that comprise of Corporate Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels and Resorts. Our support also extend to managing the Public Relations and Social Media reputations to create and expand their popularity among everyone who love to buy or collect Art and Artifacts or support Art Philanthropy.

For anyone interested in the Individual Artist Management program, we are just a call away. You can also reach us through email mentioned below.

Patronage of the Arts by the House of Habsburg (1891) by Julius Victor Berger (1850 - 1902)

Gallery Display and Worldwide Reach

Our Gallery Antik in Pune, India is now displaying Paintings and Artifacts. We feature the I-AM Program Artists through wall displays, exhibitions and Gallery outreach activities. The Gallery outreach features the collection of the Artists managed by us at our associated Galleries and Private Museums in Scandinavia and other European States.

Need Help?

Call our Specialists on +91-9545872375 or email [email protected]

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