We feel art plays an important role in the journey of self discovery. One could get happily lost in the colours of imagination and its heritage. Our paintings and prints are sourced from all over the world with special focus on Indian and Nordic artists. Not just paintings but the thrill of finding rare objets d’art drives our collection. Our specialists from across the globe share their insights into categories spanning a huge range of interests from 1934 Schneider folklore porcelain dolls to the rare & endearing 16th century Delft Blue pottery, the 12th century Norwegian Stave Church replicas handmade from drift wood to ancient jewellery, we would always have the right art and object for you.

About Us

We love to gaze and collect. Nobody ever regrets spending a little more time in shopping, neither do we. Except for the fact, we love spending time in old antique shops all over the world. The beauty in the imperfections of these hidden gems is what drives our passion. This epitomises our collection that spans centuries of history and culture. We feel privileged to share our love and excitement for Art and Artifacts.

Each art, each piece of our collection has a story. The uniqueness makes it a moment of wonder in the creative history of the world and humanity. Everyday we want to bring to our clients the ease of access to the best we can acquire.

Flohmarkt Paris (1904) by Friedrich Karl Ströher (1876 - 1925)

Our History

The parent company Feelberry Limited is a Media Communications and Consulting Company with decades of experience. We provide advisory and strategic solutions to global businesses. Feelberry Antik is a venture to facilitate sale and acquisition of objets d’art including art, jewellery, photographs, collectibles and more. We are passionate about effectiveness and integrity that creates exceptional service experiences and trust in all aspects of our business. We have a global reach to showcase what is beautiful and unique. Expertise is our main asset. Our people have to be experts in their field no matter what role they have. As more clients around the world are captivated by art and seek to acquire it; our knowledge, judgement and service relevance becomes a key factor. Whether buying, selling or dealing, our clients count on us to understand both the cultural and commercial value of art. That coupled with unparalleled service and honesty makes us an effective partner in the world of Art and Collectibles Business.

Collector's Gallery (1637) by Cornelis de Baellieur (1607 - 1671)

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships with Artists, Galleries and Global Conglomerates create organic collaborations. Currently we are focussing on featuring Scandinavian and Indian artists in our Collections. The project involves showcasing and selling their creations to the worldwide network of corporate clients, associated galleries and private collectors. We are also creating not-for-profit initiatives that assist artists whose life has been cruelly cut short due to terminal diseases or those who have limited means and experience to reach out to the global audience. Our efforts go in making their creative work more well known and valued.

Working with us

With our Global experiences, we nurture the culture of free thinking where anyone can constantly learn and discover new things about the history of art and about people. Everyone is able to share the passion for art with fascinating collectors and form friendships with associates that last a lifetime. Our workplaces are driven by knowledge and constantly evolving. There is great scope and freedom for development in whatever one is passionate about. Opportunities to collaborate with worldwide projects bring about great experiences and wonderful instances for self discovery and excellence. Our Nordic style of corporate culture encourages an open environment to learn, imagine and create.