Help with application

The job description is provided in the Jobs Section. You have to send your response covering all the Stages mentioned below as an email.

Mention whether you are applying for a full time job or an internship alongwith the position you are applying for.  It should match any of the available positions in the Jobs Section of this website. For an internship, the minimum tenure has to be for #6 months. We prefer applicants looking for full time positions after a short training.

For summer or winter college related internships, the minimum tenure has to be for #14 weeks. It should be clarified whether the internship has a relation with college credits.The internships or jobs cannot be done along with ongoing classes or other engagements as a side hustle. Only summer or winter college related internship workshops can be done along with study classes.


Specific skills that makes you suitable for the position should be detailed. Elaborate the content and copy writing skills incase it is relevant to your applied position. Give a detailed description of your previous experiences.

Read the following features to get an insight about us
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What are you doing currently. If you are studying, is this a part of your College Credit System. Would you be having any other engagement when you work with us. Are you looking for only remote work or are you able to do an in-office job. Are you looking for an internship or a full time job.

What were the salaries or stipends you have received in the previous internships or jobs. Detail every job or internship including the tenure, the activities done there and the salaries or stipends received per month and in total.

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 more in the feature Self-video interviews – express better. You need to create the self-video that covers the following

– a short self-introduction
– details about your family
– why you should be selected for this position

The video is a visual review of your fashion sense as well as your communication and presentation skills. The dress code is informal knee length mini/shift dress in bright summer colours or prints alongwith stylish heels as footwear. The video has to be sent as a YouTube link.

There would be a video or telephonic review incase you are found to be suitable. We would setting up a meeting with your mentor who heads the Asia Business. The review would be a 45 minutes video meeting to discuss your application as well as any queries you may have regarding the working.

Office Protocols

The work timings are from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We have a 5-day work week from Monday to Friday. The dress code is informal knee length mini/shift dress in bright summer colours or prints alongwith stylish heels as footwear. For Job positions, there are WFH training workshops for the initial #14 weeks. These workshops cover writing skills, communication and engagement skills as well as the sense of style.


If we have not responded to your application or informed that we did not find you suitable for the position. This could be for any or all of the following reasons.
– your answers displayed lack of interest in the position
– you are not thorough when reading the instructions mention in this feature
– your replies were not conclusive
– your were not suitable for the position

We have extremely limited number of positions and hence our decisions are based on not only the merits of the applicants but also the suitability to the available positions. As a result only a small number of extremely outstanding applicants are accommodated. We cannot provide any insight on fortifying future applications. I wish you success in your future plans and thank you for considering us as a possible workplace choice.