Help with application – working at Feelberry Pune

The job description is provided in the Jobs Section. Before applying it is very important to read the complete website content including the Antik website (www.antik.asia) which deals with the Art & Artist Project.

You need to send an application the include the details of the job applied for. It should match any of the available positions in the Jobs Section. Include your CV with your major highlights and a recent photo. Any casual photo would do as long as it is a recent one.

Are you looking for doing a short-term internship or a full time job? The short-term internships are for applicants who do not have a plan to do a full time job after the internship or are doing it as a part of their study program. For an internship the minimum tenure has to be for #2 Months. 

For internships, you should clearly mention the exact tenure of the internship. Also it should be clarified whether the internship is a part of the study program and done along with classes or other engagements.

Specific skills that makes you suitable for the position should be detailed. We also give importance to previous experiences so you have to opportunity to describe your activities.

The following features provide an insight about working at Feelberry
– how we hire
experiences that matter
the fashion of business attire
self video interviews express better


You would would have to elaborate the content and copy writing skills. We review all your personal social media to understand your personality and how you have represented yourself over the years. Share the links of your personal social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others). Also make sure they can be viewed without the need to login. You have to make sure that all the social media links (do not send just the ID but the complete link) that you send actually works and are not private.


Tell us about your family, where they are based and what they are involved in. Know more about it in the feature (self video interviews express better).

You need to create the self-video with the following
– a short presentation about yourself and
– why you should be selected for this position

The video is a visual review of your fashion sense as well as your communication & presentation skills. The video has to be sent through Google Drive with an open access.

The WFH timings are from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We have a 5-day work week from Monday to Friday. A 3-6 weeks training is done on Microsoft Teams. The training covers writing skills, communication and engagement skills as well as the sense of style.