Help with application – working at Feelberry Pune

The job description is provided in the Jobs Section. So before applying it is very important for the applicant to see and read the complete website content including the Feelberry Antik website which deals with the Art and Artist Project.

An application needs to be sent with the details of the job applied for.

The application should have a CV (the major highlights of an applicant) included and not a Resume.

For an internship, the application should clearly mention the exact tenure of the internship.

After we receive the application we would be communicating with the applicant through a series of mails to understand their aspirations and capabilities.

There would be a self video presentation for which the guidance questions would be sent.

At the final stage of the Application it is equally important for the applicant to know more about the working style. Given the fact that our original company is based in Europe, the working style in our Pune office is very different than most Indian offices. The WFH timings are from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We have a 5-day work week from Monday to Friday.

The final review is done on Microsoft Teams. The evaluation covers writing skills, communication and engagement skills as well as the sense of style.