Experiences that matter

We have had decades of experience working with the best Organisations worldwide. The wisdom gained has defined the standards that we inspire in everyone who becomes a part of the team. We treat our team with the same amount of respect that we treat our clients making sure they get trained to deal with the worst situations and yet deliver outstanding results.

Everyone who join are given personal guidance and mentoring to have the necessary soft skills that make them outstanding and self confident. Our world class training workshops inspire and imbibe 

We work with the most discerning clients for whom clarity is a starting point, so frequent and clear written communication capabilities becomes very important

We encourage the love of taking initiative and seeing things through to completion

Our clients have changing needs and fast response expectations. Who knows what will be the aspirations of tomorrow? Flexibility and adaptation is the key we inspire

We value every occasions when the opportunity to meet in person happens. So we encourage meetings and the energy created by such interactions

Short-term Up-skill Internships

Internship positions have a minimum tenure of 14 weeks. Every intern gets an opportunity to work with real projects during the tenure of the internship and the scope of getting a preferential fast track consideration for a full time position when they graduate.

These short-term internships are in the nature of Industry Exposure Experience. The stipend would be awarded based on the Mentor’s decision after the start of the internship. It does not mean that every intern would be awarded a stipend. The stipend is purely performance and merit based.

Salaries & Stipends

For job positions, the probation period salary is decided during the application review. There is also the possibility of increments and performance bonuses during the probation tenure. Subsequently, after completing the probation, there would be an appreciation in the salary depending on the probation period performance. For those willing to do a full time 6-month internship, the monthly stipend to be awarded is decided during the application review process.

Work from Anywhere Forever​

We support remote working as long as it does not affect the efficacy of the position and is able to support the business continuity of our clients. Our people can now work from any location, as long as they fulfil and support their job roles. What is needed is a fully functional laptop, 100 Mbps internet connection and a mobile connection with mobile internet.