How we hire – working at Feelberry Pune

We try to ease the strain of applying for a job making sure that every response is sent promptly and with proper explanation. We are honest to the applicants and help them in every step of the application process with utmost patience. We make no exceptions in the hiring process and make sure that personal prejudices of the Human Resource team does not affect the hiring choices. A number of people review every application to ensure a fair and truthful hiring attitude.


5-day work week with Saturday & Sunday full holiday

2-week holidays during Christmas and New Year

3-week extra fully paid leave every year

3-week paid leave for Medical emergencies

Work bonuses and all expenses paid company travel

Flexible work hours with 24-hours access to work assignments

Wardrobe and shopping allowances

Allowances for Apple™ Music, Spotify™, NetFlix™, Apple™ TV, Amazon™ Prime, Disney+™, HULU™and Magazine Subscriptions

Work from remote locations

Our hiring process is quite detailed and informative. This ensures that by the end of the application review, every applicant is completely aware about the company and the details of the job. They are also aware about our aspirations and the responsibilities of the position. This reduces the time needed for the orientation after joining; making it easy for a new trainee to start working with comfort and familiarity.

We have extremely limited number of positions and hence our decisions are based on not only the merits of the applicants but also the suitability to the available positions. As a result only a small number of extremely outstanding applicants are accommodated. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to change the offer or provide any insight on fortifying future applications.

For Indians who wish to work at our European office. They can request a transfer after joining the Asia Operations office. Based on their merit, the transfer application would be evaluated after the finish of the training period.