The fashion of business attire

At our workspaces everyone is free to plan their office wardrobe. The job role needs one to be attractive smart and yet give an informal easy look. The preferred attire is informal knee length mini or shift dress in bright summer colours or prints alongwith stylish high heels as footwear. The applicant can discuss their concerns in regards to the attire during the interview process to have a clearer concept or what could be the most suitable yet easy-going approach keeping in trend with their personal style.

Our social conditioning always makes us notice and give the first attention to the best dressed person in the room. So if you feel “People should respect me because I know what I’m talking about, not because I’m wearing expensive socks” … you need to do a rethink. Unless your reputation precedes you, its going to be always clothes maketh the man and the woman. This is nothing new.

This is a power game where being in control of the situation is just as important as the knowledge. Yes its absolutely undebatable, what you know is most important in the business of Business. But who chooses to listen depends a lot on what you wear. Your clients’ attention could depend completely on what your attire choices are. The dress you wear influences what people hear you say.

Perception is Branding. So if you want to create an impression, your style is an absolute necessity. Yes comfort is imperative but the impressions of your clients and colleagues, seeing the way you dress, is even more important. While planning your attire, the most expensive route is not always the most effective one. Sometime simplicity is the key. Remember the clothes you wear will determine the way you are judged. So, dress carefully and cleverly.

It’s important to be comfortable and feel like yourself all while dressing for the job in question. Nothing you wear to a meeting or to work should be too loud or over-the-top. But, should definitely show some personality. If your clothes are too big or too tight, they are not going to look good. Ensuring a proper fit applies to everything you are wearing. Everything works if you feel good in it. On the whole, you should just feel sleek and totally pulled together. Looking fresh and smelling fresh gives you more confidence that you will appreciate on the longer run.

Dressing is beyond just buttons, zips and colour! So much of fashion is wrapped up in the confidence of the wearer. Being well-dressed is a discipline and a talent. It’s a lifelong learning curve – and it can’t be done without an injection of fashion. It says who you are and what you want to project while staying true to your essence.